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Orange County Attorney – Winter Newsletter 2014

Your Driver’s License – Understanding the Rules of the Road It is important to know the laws revolving around your driving privilege because the effects of breaking them are not only inconvenient but dangerous for the general public. You likely remember the sense of freedom and excitement that came with turning sixteen and finally getting […]

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Orange County Attorney – Fall Newsletter 2013

Protecting Your Identity Today the opportunities for someone to steal your personal information are the highest in history, and as a result, protecting your identity is something everyone should spend time doing. The best way to avoid identity theft is to prevent it before it happens. There are a few easy precautions to take to […]

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Orange County Attorney – Summer Newsletter 2013

  Legal Curveballs: Liability and Recreational Use Statutes Liability may occur when you invite people onto your land or open it to recreational use. If a landowner invites someone onto their land they may be held liable in the event of a guest injury if the landowner did not take reasonable care to protect the […]

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