Cost-Effective Legal Advice

Legal advice should be cost-effective. Perhaps the best method for obtaining cost-effective services is hiring the right lawyer: we believe that a lawyer is someone who is attentive, with experience, and has efficient habits.

From time to time, people will call our office and ask, “What does it cost for a particular project?” Because the work we do is unique to you and your particular needs, there is no one price that fits all situations.

How we charge for our services depends on the engagement. We believe in the importance of matching the billing method to the client. We also firmly believe in the following:

  • Creating value for our clients.
  • Building our attorney-client relationships based on mutual respect and trust
  • Exceeding our client’s expectations
  • Maintaining our reputation for good business

To meet our goal and have potential client understand their financial commitment, we offer a kick-off call to develop the requirements of the project.

What is a Kick-Off Call?

The Kick-Off Call is a 30-minute teleconference where you receive legal advice about forming and operating a business entity that is specific to you.

Do you offer a free consultation?

No, a free consultation is a legal sales pitch. We know that business owners are quite busy, and so we’d rather get straight to answering your question and needs than give you the sales pitch. Our firm prides itself on this kind of transparency.

Flexible to Fit Your Business Needs Without Sacrificing Quality of Service

Ultimately, our goal is to charge reasonable fees for our services. That may mean billing by the hour or the project (“lump sum”). It may mean an alternative billing arrangement. We pride ourselves on flexibility in determining the appropriate method.