California Business Owner’s Wonderful Experience with the HR on Call Service

It’s common for a lot of small businesses in California, especially solopreneurs and family-owned enterprises, to opt not to have a human resources department. Hiring an HR specialist can be very costly, and most of these companies do not have a large enough budget to employ one. Gale and Vallance has created the HR on Demand Service as a solution to this problem. For a minimal amount, entrepreneurs can get expert advice from an HR professional on an as-needed basis. A client who owns a small business in California availed herself of the HR on Call Service. She needed help in constructing an Employee Handbook for her company, and she testifies of her wonderful experience with the on-call HR expert. 

HR Dept [Original Size]HR on Call Service: What is it?

HR on Call is an affordable human resources consultation service offered by Gale and Vallance. Small businesses can get access to an HR professional on an as-needed basis.

Why Small Businesses in California Should Have a Human Resources Department

Businesses in California, both big and small, should have an HR department. All companies will encounter employee-related internal problems. It is the company’s HR personnel that manage the employees’ concerns, so that costly lawsuits may be avoided. If a disgruntled staff files a complaint at the Labor Department, a business owner can find himself or herself in a bundle of charges. Some enterprises in California have gone bankrupt from the expensive settlements. Protect your company from these unnecessary predicaments by having an HR expert handle internal issues with your workers.

Why Many Small Businesses Do Not Have an HR Department 

In California, there are a number of micro and small businesses that do not have a human resources department. Most of the time, the reason is that hiring HR personnel is too expensive for these companies. Typically, an HR professional costs around 2500-5000 dollars a month. Many small businesses find this amount beyond their budget.

Gale and Vallance’s HR on Call Service is the Affordable Solution!

Gale and Vallance created the HR on Call Service to help small business owners get access to professional human resources consultation at an affordable amount. For only 300-400 dollars a month, an entrepreneur can call their HR expert and ask for advice regarding various employee-related concerns. Small business owners no longer need to hire an HR specialist to work full-time. With only a quick call, the HR on Demand Service can provide them with their needed counsel.

Client Experience: Small Business Owner Testifies of Wonderful Experience with the HR on Call Service 

A small business owner in California availed herself of Gale & Vallance’s HR on Call Service. The entrepreneur needed help in constructing an Employee Handbook. Jenny Arthur, one of the HR consultants assisted the client through the process of creating a comprehensive guidebook for workers. The specialists met with the client to discuss how to prepare the document. The expert was willing to spend more than an hour addressing the businesswoman’s concerns.

All the details and subtleties in fine print were discussed during the consultation with Jenny. The HR expert explained that all the specifics in an Employee Handbook are necessary to protect both the employer and employee from future problems. An example of these particulars is the break periods that each employee is allowed to claim. The client’s handbook established that all workers are entitled to a maximum of 20 minutes of break-time. This amount of time is mandated by federal law for all businesses to follow. All these periods are compensable and should be included in the total number of hours that a staff member works in a week.

The client was very delighted with the output of the consultation because Jenny explained and elaborated every part of the Employee Handbook. The business owner thought that the HR specialist was not only helpful but also very informative.

How Important is an Employee Handbook? 

An Employee Handbook is a document that contains all the expectations of both employees and the employer. The rules and regulations included in this guidebook vary from one company to another, depending on the nature of the business. Ideally, an HR professional prepares this handbook. Enterprises in California pay HR specialists around 1200-1500 dollars to construct a comprehensive Employee Handbook. For employers who subscribe to the HR on Demand Service, they can consult an expert anytime regarding the steps in creating a thorough handbook. For only 300-400 dollars a month, they can call a professional HR consultant whenever they need to.

In an ideal setting, employees need to sign their copy of the company’s Employee Handbook before they start working for the enterprise. This is to certify that they agree with the terms and conditions of their employment as set by their employer.

If an entrepreneur does not have an Employee Handbook, his or her business is at risk of facing serious employee-related problems in the future. Without properly set guidelines for workers, employees can file outrageous complaints at the California Labor Department. The absence of a handbook will leave the company defenseless against expensive lawsuits. The business could potentially lose thousands of dollars from the settlements.

A businessperson can protect his or her company from unnecessary employee-related problems by having a complete Employee Handbook constructed. Contact an HR specialist on how to build this document by clicking here! 

Continuous On-Call HR Consultation Services

The meeting that the client had with Jenny, regarding the construction of an Employee Handbook, was only a preliminary service. The HR expert offered the businesswoman to call her again after the document was completed. The professional HR specialist also encouraged the client to contact her if there was a need to fire an employee. Jenny assured the entrepreneur that she could guide her through the proper process of dismissing an employee. The client was delighted that her working relationship with Jenny could continue even after the initial consultation. This ongoing HR consultation service is very convenient for business people.

Hiring a human resources professional may be too costly for many small business owners in California. The HR on Demand is a very affordable alternative. For only 10% of the cost of hiring a full-time HR staff, business owners can seek advice from a human resources expert anytime they need to.

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Whether you have just one employee or a hundred, you need an HR professional to help you protect your business from employee-related problems. Gale and Vallance’s HR on Demand is a cost-effective on-call human resources consultation service that you can rely on any time you need.

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