Highest qualities service in a cost-effective manner

Our clients look to us for more than corporate legal advice. Pragmatic business judgment and creative problem solving underlie all of our work.

Looking to grow your business? Our business service was founded on the idea that today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners deserve the opportunity to succeed. How? By making our experience in the law available to you. Our attorneys are on your side, helping you make sense of complex legalities with straightforward, affordable representation.

From start-up through contract drafting, negotiation to mergers and acquisitions, to general corporate legal services, our team offers a level of service that only comes from years of experience.

We represent a wide variety of savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to take their companies to the next level. What can we do for you?

Our clients are as diverse as theirs needs. Our attorneys have provided legal representation to high-tech and internet companies, manufacturers, building contractors, health care and financial professionals, and others, thereby aiding them in achieving their business objectives.

Here’s a quick overview of our comprehensive services:

  • Business-name selection & protection
  • Business entity choice & formation
  • Corporation structuring
  • Corporate Records Program
  • Limited liability companies(LLCs)
  • Partnerships
  • Business operations & formalities
  • Joint ventures, alliances, mergers & acquisitions
  • Agreements (including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.)